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Wine is a vital part of Luxembourgish culture and life, so prolonging that tradition with the SWAZ is his great motivation for coming to Zurich. (Well actually the reason is to study Computer Science at ETH but that’s besides the point)

Picture Benjamin


'There is a Student wine club?! That sounds super cool!' That was almost Jannick's reaction when he heard about SWAZ just one month after arriving in Zurich. Curious of learning more about wine - and there is a lot to learn - he went shortly after to his very first wine tasting. He loves the combination of meeting new people in a relaxed atmosphere and learning more about good wine. Besides being reasonable for the finances of SWAZ, he is doing his PhD in Smart Manufacturing at ETH.

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For our Vice President Laurenz, wine is all about memories and feelings. No matter if red, white, rose, sparkling or sweet wine, Laurenz is always up for a bottle - as long as the mood is right. As such he likes to pair it not just with food but also find the right wine for the right occasions. Next to his Passion for wine he is currently pursuing his Doctoral studies in Electrical Engineering at ETH.

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The wine culture of middle Europe certainly wasn’t the only reason Nora decided to move to Zurich from the cold north (it might have been connected to studying Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH), but it definitely was one of the more important ones.

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Always busy with work, with different projects and with filling up his free time till there is none. Still, always up for a good and relaxing glass of wine. After attending only one SWAZ tasting he caught fire and became a regular member, just to join the board after another year. Studying computer science at ETH on the side.

Picture Roman

Former board members

  • Adrian Müller
  • Danijar Manser
  • Edward Ditler
  • Johanna Kallfelz
  • Lukas Schmid
  • Manuela Staudenmann
  • Manuela von Matt
  • Marius Rüetschi
  • Maximilian Kiss
  • Michael Ebersold
  • Milena Zanolari
  • Philipp Scherrer
  • Rebecca Duewell
  • Sebastian Hälg
  • Timo Rey
  • Zoë Johnson


You can find our statutes here. If you have any questions, please write us an email. We are happy to answer your questions.