About us


🍷 Philipp

At the age of 19, our President sold Wine bottles in a restaurant without scarcely any knowledge about Wine. A few bottles and tastings (maybe also a couple headaches) later, he broadened his horizon and is now a big fan of fresh and young white Wines with a lot of acidity.  Now and then, he enjoys a glass of old red Wine with good tannins.

🍷 Zoë

There is no vacation where our Vice-President doesn't visit a Winery to taste local Wines. Collecting this knowledge she expands her Wine List and encourages her friends to always try something new. Her Tipp for buying Wine is that your Wine rack is never big enough. While communicating over a fresh glass of Rosé, she also studies Media and Communication at UZH.

🍷 Rebecca

Our Social Media Communicator does not only just post beautiful pictures of Wine and our tastings, she also enjoys to taste what is presented to her. A Glass of heavy red Wine accompanies her while she writes our Social Media Posts.

🍷 Michael

Our cashier, responsible for balancing the finances of SWAZ.
When he is not busy trying to grasp the complexity and depth of his preferred local wines, he is trying to understand much simpler things such as the universe as a PhD student in Physics at UZH - the two thus clearly having something in common while one might even benefit the other and vice versa.

🍷 Lukas

Participation in multi-disciplinary networking events and extending one's field of studies to a subject of cultural importance is a valuable addition to each curriculum - or simply indulge in the pleasure of tasting wines